When it comes to practising theatre, the head of WILDe Theatre, Gyula Zsombor Szijjártó mentioned how important it is for the instructors to follow the mood of the people, so that the participants can give their hundred percent to the practice. The workshop started off with games where everybody introduced themselves, followed by a mirroring exercise. Everyone in the team should follow the movement of the person that is introducing themselves. By doing this, it is easier for everyone to get to know each other as we would have memorised the movement that comes with the introduction.

Playing with a cup

We moved on to improvising different activities with just a cup as an object. We ended the workshop with a small improv performance by former members of WILDe Theatre. The idea of the improv performance was to ‘start where it’s left off’. Once the narrator claps, other person  needs to continue act from the position that the previous person has left off. The scene started off with two people bickering and continued with Gyula playing dead. It was really funny how the improv scenes evolve from one scenario to a completely different scenario. Gyula talked about future projects. “Our upcoming project is a murder mystery in November. Generally, we also host two to three big plays throughout the year!”

A solid 8.5

Overall, the experience was exhilarating and it was a great way to meet people who also share the same passion for theatre. Yet, I definitely need to put myself out there and be more confident in practising theatre. I think my confidence was the one thing that set me back from giving my best during the workshop. So, how hard can it be? Pretty hard! I give this a solid 8.5 out of 10. Most of the workshop activities that we did requires a whole lot of creativity and also quick thinking. I haven’t really explored my creative side in a while too and I think that’s why it was hard for me to come up with different ideas on the spot. I would love to join WILDe Theatre in the future and come to their workshops. This would be a great practice for me to gain back my confidence in theatre!