On the second day of Eurekaweek, freshmen are exploring the campus. While they wander around, the stalls are being set up. All kinds of associations and organisations compete to draw participants’ attention.

The associations are popular. “We have joined the study association (EFR, ed.) of the Erasmus School of Economics,” says student Economics and Business Economics Mariachiara enthusiastically. Together with her fellow students Karina and Anushree, she is thinking about joining a sports association.

How do the students experience the day? Communication and Media student Niklas: “Very good, we got a lot of free stuff.” Niklas and his group mate Roi proudly show off their latest acquisitions. “My favourite souvenir is this little bad boy,” he says while squeezing a stress ball in the shape of a light bulb. Roi shows off his metal straw with satisfaction.