Recently, posters were hung in the building for first year Erasmus University College students mentioning ‘Lucia Housing Refund’ in a large font. The posters state that the residents are entitled to a refund of 192 euros. They also state that the refund was decided after two students ‘sought justification for these costs’. The EUC wrote it encourages students who ‘question the status quo’ and sees them as an example of ‘critical world citizens’.


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Landlord Lucia building must repay ‘vague costs’ to EUC student

First-year students at Erasmus University College (EUC) pay a one-off so-called…


The two hundred first year EUC students are obligated to live in Lucia each year. In an e-mail sent by building manager Milestone, dated 16 May, it’s stated that the reimbursement will be subtracted from the rent in July. In September, the new batch of residents won’t have to pay the 192 euros.

Former residents who have lived in the building since the complex was opened five years ago, can also apply for the refund. Information about this application can be found on a web page of the EUC.

'Vague costs'

In 2019, EUC students Joris Pijpers and Lars Morsink filed two lawsuits because of ‘vague costs’ charged by Raiffeisen, as Pijpers called them. The 200 euro ‘booking fee’ was supposed to be a compensation for help with the application for rent allowance and the creation of a digital key, among other things.

The judge found it only reasonable that the landlord asked for a compensation for placing a nameplate on the mailbox, the plate itself and a key ring. According to the ruling, only 7,72 euro was justified. Raiffeisen decided at the beginning of this month to abide by the judgement and draw its own conclusions.

Studentencomplex LUCIA op het Stadhuisplein.

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