Five student teams participated in the half-yearly competition by Studium Generale. They had to make a film within 84 hours. Last Thursday, they were given a few assignments: a gardener with the surname Mandeville, a Studium Generale chocolate bar and the phrase ‘what happens in Rotterdam, stays in Rotterdam’ had to appear in the film.

Invalid results

In an almost full Erasmus Pavilion, the resulting videos were shown one after the other. Man. Devil. was about a boy who was seduced and then victimised by two witches. Yourmine DNA discussed the similarities between Ukraine and Rotterdam and The Whistleblowers was a modern take on a murder mystery. The dystopian The Chase highlighted how we chase after everything in life and whether that is what we should do. The screening concluded with the arthouse-like My Boy.

Afterwards, the attending students could cast their votes online. In the process, Man. Devil. by team Artsy Fartsy and The Chase seemed to be in a tie for a long time, until suddenly a lot of votes came in for both The Chase and the film My Boy by team Two Students and a Drop-Out. There were 220 votes cast, while there were only 170 people in the room. Consequently, presenter Kirstin Feberwee decided to declare the results invalid. In the end, The Chase won by measuring the loudest applause with a decibel meter.

Watch all videos of the 84 hour student film project on Studium Generale’s outube channel.


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