Sierk Bosma

Sierk Bosma (22) started the Economics and Business Economics study programme in 2018. He almost finished his BA1 and BA2 and took part in the minor Port Management and Maritime Logistics. Besides, Sierk studied Fiscal Law at Leiden University.

“The lecturers of the minor Port Management & Maritime Logistics are moved deeply by the sad news”, says Maurice Jansen, who is the coordinator for the minor. “Sierk was a diligent student who actively participated in the minor. His team members enjoyed working with him on the integration case.”

A fellow student heartwarmingly describes Sierk as an enthusiastic, funny and smart guy. “Someone that should have a bright future ahead, I enjoyed having him in my group. We will have him in good memory and right now my thoughts are with his family.”

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Sierk’s parents, his brothers and sister, family and friends. We wish them a lot of strength in this difficult time.

Patrick Groenen, Decaan Erasmus School of Economics

Brigitte Hoogendoorn, Programme Director Erasmus School of Economics