Anne van Verre, board member of Never Less, already noticed the popularity of the hockey club during the Eurekaweek. “We noticed even then that we were almost full, so we closed the registrations then.” The reason for the early closure was so that the students, who would come to the open evening a week later, would also have a chance to register. On that evening, the club was full within five minutes. Still, Anne and her team didn’t want to disappoint the students, so this year they started setting up a waiting list. “Within half an hour we already had almost sixty people on the waiting list,” says Anne.


Once you’re on the waiting list, there’s nothing you can do but be patient and hope for a bit of luck. Luc Rijk and Jesse Stokx, first-year members of Never Less, are among the lucky ones. Both were on the waiting list, but to their surprise they were soon at the top. “We actually thought: this isn’t going to work out, but then we were lucky enough to be recruited,” says Luc.

Karlijn Poos had already decided long before the start of the academic year to become a member of the hockey club. However, she waited until the open evening before registering. During the evening she found out that she was not the only one. “During the open evening, the registrations were full very quickly!” She waited in suspense for a week and was finally able to join.

Training until late in the evening

Van Verre would, if Never Less had the capacity, gladly accept everyone. That is why the club has taken a number of measures, so that as many hockey players as possible have the opportunity to train. For instance, the teams play late into the evening; training on Monday evenings even continue until almost midnight. Not everyone is keen on late training, but the hockey players see it as a positive thing. “I secretly like it,” says Karlijn. “You can have a nice dinner with the other members before the training.”