Students are happy to be able to attend gatherings again. Especially second-years that were not allowed to party previously, are looking forward to attending parties. “This year, we can actually have fun”, Doga Akdogan said after the student party at Café Beurs. Unlike last year, there are various parties and social events students can attend which leads to new opportunities.

Lack of understanding for current restrictions

Despite being happy about the reopening of clubs, students do not agree with the fact that they have to close their doors at midnight. ’If you are going to get corona, you will get it in the first half of the night’, Richard Kneen (Economics and Business Economics) believes. The restriction does not stop all students from partying after midnight as some attend house parties: ’I do not see a difference between partying between 8pm-12am and partying between 11pm-3pm’, Chila Badibanga (Economics and Business Economics) says.

However, students do see that the restriction can have a positive influence on their studies. As there are various parties and events happening on weekdays, students might have obligations and classes the following day. Jakub Simko (Business Administration): ’For sure it is good. I finish at 12am and then I go home. I can wake up in the morning, ready to do my work’.