Erasmus Magazine managed to arrange an exclusive interview with Sheep with Sign. The Instagram account of the ‘entrepreneurSHEEP’ has become very popular in the last half year, but despite its popularity, the account holder’s identity is still unknown. In our interview with @sheepwithsign, the questions we submitted were answered in the sheep’s own particular manner, thus allowing us to learn a little bit more about his or her identity.


Our question “What is @sheepwithsign?” was answered as follows by the sheep: “The most amazing Instagram account on campus”. Its popularity is due to the creative and hilarious comments with which the sheep poses on campus and in the city of Rotterdam.

The sheep explained the purpose of the Instagram account to us. “We try to put out there what students cannot say themselves.” In this way, @sheepwithsign has become a spokesperson for students, by posing with answers that are related to students and student life.

Creative outlet

@sheepwithsign has become quite a hit on Instagram in just a few short months. The account was created during lockdown, when the university had to close its doors and its activities had to be suspended. It was this closing of the university that gave birth to the EntrepreneurSHEEP. The project is serving as a creative outlet, while at the same time entertaining students cooped up at home.