Due to the great hack at the Dutch Research Council the announcement was delayed, but the research finance organisation published the list with all the new Vici winners today. This coveted grant allows highly experienced researchers to develop an innovative research line and put together a research group over the course of five years.

In 2020, no fewer than 287 top scientists competed for a Vici grant and 33 lucky winners were successful. In other words, a success rate of 11.5 percent. A third of the applications were submitted by women. Ultimately, 13 female candidates (14 percent) and 20 male candidates (10 percent) were awarded a grant.

Flying the flag

Utrecht University has reason to fly the flag: no fewer than eight grants worth 1.5 million euros each were awarded to researchers. Amsterdam UMC (4), University of Amsterdam (3) and UMC Groningen (3) also performed well.

Changes to the scoresheet are, however, still possible: these are personal grants and sometimes recipients move to another institution, taking the money with them.

The Vici grants are part of the Dutch Research Council’s Talent Scheme, together with the Veni and Vidi grants. Researchers can apply for these grants at different times in their careers.