The new sports centre will be next to the Sanders building and will include three competition halls, three training areas, a gym and hospitality. This building will be able to accommodate over 11,000 sports pass holders, 25 sports clubs and 50 different sports. EUR is also constructing a multifunctional education building next to the Polak building with lecture halls and classrooms. There will also be a café, living room, quiet centre and three thousand study spots.


According to EUR, the ‘circular’ education building will be ‘one of the most sustainable university buildings in the Netherlands’. Wherever possible, recycled materials will be used, mainly from other demolished or soon to be demolished EUR buildings. The building will also be completely energy neutral, generating its own energy from solar panels on the roof and using a heat pump. The roof also acts as a water buffer for heavy rainfall.  The ventilation runs on wind power and solar power.

View the artist impressions here: