Master’s student of Data Science and Marketing Kenita Hadi is happy that the extra study places are open. She tries to study there every day. “So at least I have a reason to go outside, away from my room.”

Student Wouter Hoogeveen (Law and Economics) also has to leave his room at the moment. “My girlfriend is temporarily staying with me because her roommate has been infected by the corona virus. And studying together in one room is not really a good idea.”

Bachelor’s student of International Business Administration Pien Vroeman comes to campus for a bit of social contact. “I can’t concentrate at home. Studying here is more fun, at least you’ll still see your friends.” Her fellow student Martijn Duin also finds it difficult to study at home. “I have crazy roommates, so studying on campus is nice and quiet. At home I have people who storm into my room every ten minutes.”

Reserve early

Because there are extra study places, it is now easier to get a place. “Before, when the library was the only space, it was very difficult. The study spots there are always full,” says Wouter.

Nevertheless, students still have to get up ‘early’ to be able to get a place in the Polak or Sanders building. Martijn: “Seriously, you have to make a reservation at 9 am, otherwise it’s game over.”

EUR-Corona_10 Polak Building study spots studieplekken

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