Peter van Bergeijk uses the expression ‘broken link’ to describe how the pandemic has affected relationships in our lives. “We miss our connections with work, friends, colleagues or students during the pandemic. I call my exhibition ‘Broken Links’ because it describes what is currently happening, but it also tells us what we want to cure after the crisis,” he says. “I want people to reflect on different connections in life and think about how we can mend those broken relationships.”

The exhibition also includes Van Bergeijk’s older work. “The works in the exhibition are therefore not only about the corona pandemic, but also about the previous economic crisis. Here people can see that the feelings they have now are not unique. They were also there during the previous crisis. And if we could get through that, then we can also handle the corona crisis.”

Not to be visited (yet)

Why create an exhibition when people cannot visit it? “Funny, right?” he laughs. “It’s precisely something that makes the exhibition special. It shows that people can still enjoy art and view an exhibition, only in a different way.”

Currently, you can view the exhibition online at the ISS website.