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Live now: EM TV. Students ask questions about vaccins to Diederik Gommers

EM TV will go live on Thursday morning at 9 am with an episode about corona vaccination.…

How long does the vaccine protect you from coronavirus?

“We don’t yet know exactly. Thousands of people who were vaccinated six months ago are being monitored to see whether they are still protected. So far, they are. We think the vaccine may provide protection for a year, perhaps much longer.”

Do we need to be concerned about mutations of the virus?

“I am slightly concerned. It’s normal for viruses to mutate. Sometimes these mutations are not very active, but the UK variant is much more infectious. Luckily, the vaccine works against this variant too.”

Can the vaccine have long-term side effects?

“Many people are worried because the vaccine was developed so fast. But there’s no need for concern. Long-term risks are very rare. RNA, the substance in the vaccine, is broken down within a day and doesn’t react with your body’s genetic code. And so far, there have been no problems with fertility either. But we’ll find out more in the coming months.”

Do you have any tips on how to deal with sceptics, people who don’t believe in the virus or won’t follow the rules?

“It’s important to keep talking to each other. Sometimes there’s a reason why someone is sceptical or doesn’t follow rules. Ask them about it. Sometimes people are lonely or have financial problems. This might be their way of coping. Try to take care of each other and help each other resolve problems.”

You’re now a celebrity, with a busy diary. How do you keep your energy levels up in your busy daily life?

“I make sure that I get enough sleep. At the weekend, I try to get eight hours. Unfortunately, that’s more difficult during the week. Another thing is that I really enjoy my job. I meet lots of new people and am offered lots of interesting opportunities. That gives me energy. But it’s not my ambition to become a sort of celebrity. After the crisis, I’ll disappear back into the shadows.”

When can we resume our normal lives?

“It’s very important to keep looking ahead. The pressure on hospitals will ease when everyone over 60 has been vaccinated. That’s around 3.5 million people and if all goes according to plan, they will have been vaccinated by the end of April. Everyone else will then follow. I hope that we’ll be able to resume our normal lives after the summer holidays.”