The increase in expense claims came to light following an investigation by Erasmus Magazine. These expenses increased by 150 per cent (100,000 euro) in 2019 compared with the previous year, mainly as a result of higher taxi costs and increased foreign travel relating to the university strategy.


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How the Board’s expense claims rose by more than 100,000 euros

In 2019, the expenditure of EUR’s Executive Board increased by an extra 150 per cent…

According to Uribe Sandoval, the increase is remarkable and reason enough to discuss the topic in the University Council. “I would like to know more about exactly where that money has gone. After all, we’re in the middle of an economic crisis. This could happen again in the future, so we need to be well informed.” Uribe Sandoval is expecting the Executive Board to cooperate and offer transparency on the situation. “I hope that I’m not being too optimistic.”


Ana Uribe Sandoval ESHCC University Council
Ana Uribe Sandoval, chair of the ESHCC Faculty Council.

Not every university handles publishing Executive Board expense claims in the same way. For instance, to increase transparency, Utrecht University posts a report on expense claims on its website every quarter. Uribe Sandoval considers this to be a good example for EUR. “Instead of only producing an annual report, reports could be produced multiple times per year. Why not issue a report every quarter, for instance? That would give us a good idea of what the expenses are and enable us to intervene in time and request an explanation.”
Uribe Sandoval considers it a positive step that EM reported on this topic in December. “The more information we have about the university, the better, as this will help us to keep improving the university. Actions that initially appear innocent can actually harm the university.”