New students go on a game to explore the city. This activity is part of the Identity Crisis game that is specially designed for new students during the Eurekaweek. Each group is given different questions and assignments and follows a route throughout the city.

The assignments that the freshers receive are about the city or the Eurekaweek. For example, the group of student Twan Meijer is assigned to record a video in which they sing a song about the Eurekaweek. “Our team is called ‘Tequila team’, so we set up the Tequila Song and shouted ‘Tequila!’ altogether at the same time,” he says with a laugh.

Business Administration student Timo cheerfully carries out the assignments. He got his party hat from his guide ‘to keep the mood going’. “We only have one day to actually meet each other, so we make the best out of it.”