Working as a waiter, a call center agent or a babysitter. How do students earn extra money during their studies? In this episode: Business Administration student Emma Hermans works at online supermarket Picnic.

The twenty-year-old student drives around in the iconic Picnic electric car for about eighteen hours a week. On an average working day she can deliver groceries to thirty addresses. “The car is very easy to operate. I just need to accelerate and brake,” says Emma. Of course you should not drive too fast at bumps and curves. There are stories that the wobbly carts can fall over. “I think everyone who works here has heard such a story.”

Emma comes almost everywhere in Rotterdam to deliver groceries. What does she find particular in this corona time? “Tip in a disinfected bag,” she says with a laugh. “I really appreciate that people still put in the effort to give me some extra money.”

What does Emma’s working day look like? Watch the video here: