Due to the corona crisis, education on campus has to make way for online lectures. Student Hayon Kwon doesn’t have much trouble with it. “I find it very chill that I don’t have to be on campus early in the morning. I can just wake up a minute before my lecture starts and follow it online from my bed,” says the pre-master’s student of Arts, Culture and Society.

Bachelor student Hannah Friedrichs first thought that she preferred to follow online lectures. Her lectures were recorded and she can watch them anywhere, anytime. “I had the idea that it would be more convenient, because then you can rewind and review parts that you find difficult,” says the International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics student. “But now I miss my classmates and friends, and cycling to campus as well.”

Kyra Arneri recognizes this. “I really miss the group dynamics, you have that much less digitally,” says the Master’s student of Legal Theory. “But you have to row with the oars you have and in general I think it worked.”

Helping the lecturers

Exchange student Rohit Awade believes that the university should help lecturers master online education. “For example, the university can offer training courses on giving online lectures. Some lecturers do not have the right tools, so perhaps the university can make sure that they use a good camera or laptop.”

Funny experience

During online lectures funny things occasionally happen. Master student Economics Simon Jung experienced for instance that a fellow student went to the toilet during the lecture. “But he forgot to mute the microphone, so everyone could hear what was going on in the toilet.”