We have known Adriano as a kind, caring and intelligent student. Adriano began his journey at EUC living in LUCIA along with the other first-year students and he enjoyed forming meaningful connections with his neighbors and peers.

“Adriano was such a sweet and genuine guy. You could always have nice conversations with him, whether it was just a small talk on the campus or when you met up with him.”

Harris Watkins, a fellow first-year EUC student, developed a close friendship with Adriano during their time studying together. Harris shares how much Adriano’s friendship meant to him:

“Adriano was a navigator, a voyager of the seas of life. He was a captain, his sense of direction a beacon of light attracting others. Perhaps it was fitting that sailing played such a fundamental role in his identity. He often spoke to me of his beloved Sailing Club 3V in Trevignano Romano, sharing dreams of voyaging the seas and oceans of the world or trailblazing his own independent businesses. I was always so awestruck by his ambition, the flames seemed to burn so bright they’d obliterate any obstacle in the way. But how devastating for these flames to be extinguished so abruptly. Adriano you helped guide me through such unfamiliar waters, until I was comfortable enough to land. I watched you cruise ahead on your expedition, but how oblivious was I to the torments of the torrents you sailed. How can the calm azure skies prelude such raging storms? The bluest oceans can hide the darkest depths. I hope you sail on stiller seas now, sail on at peace.”

Adriano’s friends and family in Italy have set up a GoFundMe page for ‘Sailing Club 3V’ in Adriano’s honour that will help young individuals in finding their passion through sailing.  If you are interested in donating to Adriano’s fund, please do so by using this link.

EUC held a candlelit memorial for Adriano on 29th May, students and staff members joined in person and via Zoom to celebrate Adriano’s life and memory. He will be missed but not forgotten. Our thoughts and good wishes go out to Adriano’s family and loved ones.


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