For a while it looked as though Eurekaweek would have to go ahead without the events and without the familiar association terraces spread across the city: under no circumstances did the Municipality of Rotterdam want to make an exception to the applicable rules.

But then came Prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD). He announced on Wednesday evening that events would still be possible from 1 July under certain conditions. This offers opportunities for the student associations and the Eurekaweek board.


“Groups of people can get together outside again,” stated Aboutaleb during the debate. That’s partly why he envisages few obstacles for the terraces, which also require an event permit. “Associations that do not have space to erect a terrace themselves can contact me. As municipality, I’d be delighted to see how we can accommodate this.” The condition remains though: “the 1.5-metre rule must be enforced”.

The opportunities for the standard Eurekaweek events have also improved somewhat thanks to the easing of the measures, although the Mayor has some concerns. He emphasised that strict conditions continue to apply. “You do not need to set up a triage for up to 250 people, but if there are more, you do. And the most important principle continues to be that 1.5-metre distance. The Eurekaweek organisation must make that very clear in advance.”

According to the Mayor, the Eurekaweek must make a convincing case that, even if alcohol is involved, the 1.5-metre rule will be adhered to. If they can’t do that, he may reject the permit on this basis. “But this also depends on the organisation’s plans.” Aboutaleb called on them to: “be creative”.