“We have brought huge numbers of international students to the Netherlands”, stated Alex Tess Rutten from the National Student Union. “Now that they’re in dire straits, we need to take care of them.”

A joint press release from LSVb, ISO and the Erasmus Student Network stated that international students have often lost their part-time jobs. Some are also unable to rely on parental support as they too have lost their jobs in the crisis. It is becoming more and more difficult for them to pay their tuition fees and rental.

Central website

The students should at least be able to find good information about Covid-19, stated Kees Gillesse from the Intercity Student Consultation (ISO). “The government is taking decisions that impact international students. There needs to be one central, up-to-date English-language website about this.”

After graduating, internationals from outside Europe are facing further problems because they need to find a job within a year. There is still no leniency arrangement for this group. Government party D66 raised questions about the position of international students and knowledge migrants yesterday evening in the parliamentary questions’ session in the House of Representatives.