Excerpt from the Erasmus TV talkshow Source: www.youtube.com

In normal times, the commemoration is well attended, but today circumstances limited the presence to only three: executive chair Hans Smits, secretary Ann O’Brien and a cameraman from the Erasmus TV talk show, in which footage of the commemoration was shown.

In 1948, a memorial stone was unveiled in the hall of the Nederlandse Economische Hogeschool for the 52 students and alumni who died during the war. The stone read the text Vivorum Recordatio Mortuorum Vita (The memory of the living means life for the dead). When, twenty years later, the Hogeschool moved from Pieter de Hoochweg to Burgemeester Oudlaan (and a few years later changed into the Erasmus University), the memorial stone was moved with it to its current location in the Theil hall. Every year members of the Executive Board place a wreath by the stone.


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