The centre will be established in the study space of the hospital’s Education Centre, which is currently available because students are not attending in-class seminars. The healthcare providers running the centre will monitor the number of intensive care unit beds available for coronavirus patients at each Dutch hospital.

“It is up to the hospitals themselves to indicate how many beds they have available,” Kuipers said on Radio 1. If a hospital is at full capacity, its patients must be taken to a different hospital.

Hospitals in Brabant at full capacity

With the exception of hospitals in the hard-hit province of Noord-Brabant, Dutch hospitals are not yet at full capacity, but they are expected to be by the end of the week. “Hospitals are currently very busy in Brabant, but this week they will become busy all over the country.” Erasmus MC is currently administering treatment to approximately twenty coronavirus patients.

Frank Grosveld Erasmus MC coronavirus antibody foto Marko de Haan

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