While Emma was with us, we all got to see how intelligent and ambitious she was. In addition to being a student, she loved playing the piano and the guitar. She was a hard worker who always went all out in everything she did. During the 2015-2016 period, Emma took part in Junior Med School, and afterwards she was a member of the Querido Honours College (matriculation year 2017). The College cherishes its memories of Emma:

‘Emma was so sweet, special and funny it’s hard to do her justice in words. Without a shadow of a doubt, she was one of the most cheerful and outgoing members of the Honours group. Everyone in her Querido Honours cohort, including her lecturers, knew her by her laugh alone, as she often roared with laughter. She helped us create many fond memories, and it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that she won’t be adding any new ones to them. We are going to miss her an awful lot.’

While attending the Faculty of Medicine, Emma also sought to improve the quality of the lectures and seminars taught at Erasmus MC. As a first-year student, she joined MFVR’s Jaarvertegenwoordiging committee (tasked with providing feedback on the degree programmes taught at the faculty), which paid her the following tribute:

We knew her as an enthusiastic and helpful committee member. She was best known for the way in which she contributed to amicable and fun proceedings at the committee, but at the same time she absolutely excelled at suggesting ways in which the quality of our degree programmes could be improved.’

Judging from the reactions we have heard from Emma’s lecturers, fellow students and student counsellors, Emma was a very popular and highly appreciated person. Our thoughts are with Emma’s friends and family.


Faculty of Medicine, Erasmus MC