Student Karolina reacts enthusiastically when she receives a rose from her friend Kim. “Karolina has broken her leg,” says Kim. “That’s why she deserves the rose.” For Valentine’s day, a number of students give a rose – which they received from EM – to ‘friends who deserve it’, but family members are also put in the spotlight. Master’s student Xaviera, for instance, would like to give the flower to her mother. “She’s my most wonderful Valentine ever.”

Romantic love and bromance are not out of sight too. International student Maria would like to give her rose to her husband Remy. “I’m so grateful for him, he is my tower of strength.” Her declaration of love follows: “Remy, I love you.”

For Master’s student Marco, this is a special moment. It’s his graduation day and his good friend Nicholas is standing next to him. “I’d love to give the rose to Nicholas, because he was always there for me during my studies.” A big hug follows. “Thank you, Nic, for your support and love.”

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