“Bend your knees, take a step or two forward and slide!” No matter how simple it seems, it’s not. Reporter Pietro Vigilanza realised this very quickly during his first skating lesson. The Erasmus student skating club Alcedo helps him on his first time on ice.

“First you have to work on your balance,” said student instructor Demi. “Once you’ve mastered that, it’s time to start playing on ice.” The beginners must immediately get onto the slippery ice floor, and that turns out to be hugely challenging for everyone.

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But even if you have no experience with skating, you’re welcome at the association E.S.S.V. Alcedo, Demi said. “Anyone can take skating lessons with us.” Moreover, the activities are easy to combine with your student life, said bachelor student Anne Li. “I study full-time and I always participate in Alcedo’s activities.” When the winter is over and skating is no longer possible, the association focuses on cycling and running.

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