To celebrate Halloween, the UNICEF student team Rotterdam hosted a fundraising campaign in the Smitse on Wednesday evening. For a small entrance fee, students were handed their own pumpkins to showcase their creative – or less creative – carving skills. Reporter Pietro Vigilanza also ventured into the cafe to carve his own pumpkin, with doubtful results. In the meantime, he asked students about their motives to support this cause.

“Apparently, pumpkin carving is more difficult than it seems,” said Management of International Social Challenges (MISOC) student, Alec. “I started carving a face, but now my pumpkin looks like a face with a unibrow.”

Nina has probably done the most beautiful carving of the evening. “It’s nice to participate and to give back to the children in Jordan,” said the International Business Administration (IBA) student.

The UNICEF student team got the pumpkins for free. “Instead of buying new ones, we asked supermarkets and farmers if they had old pumpkins for us,” said Chairman Luuk Kuiper.

During the event in the Smitse, there was a collection box for charity. All the money raised goes to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. The country’s largest camp is a safe haven for almost eighty thousand people. With the money raised, children would get a safe home and access to education.

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