Jacobs tells us that she has ‘really fallen in love with EUC’. The new dean: “I firmly believe in the concept of a broad curriculum, in which we educate young people to take on problems in today’s society.” She’s also enthusiastic about the college’s collaboration with Willem de Kooning Academy and CODARTS. “EUC can serve as an example for the university in general when it comes to multidisciplinarity and establishing ties with the city.”

Public Safety

Jacobs obtained her doctorate from the University of Münster in 1998. She started at RSM in 2000 and was appointed Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Culture in 2017. In addition, Jacobs serves as the Director of the Centre of Excellence in Public Safety Management, which she founded, and as Academic Director of the International Business Administration (IBA) BSc programme.

EUC is set up in its own building on Nieuwmarkt in the heart of Rotterdam, where students can attend the Liberal Arts and Sciences bachelor programme. The school offers an intensive, internationally oriented curriculum in small group settings. While it introduces students to a broad range of subjects, they are welcome to choose a variety of specialisations over the course of the programme. To strengthen ties within the student body, first-year students live together in a building on Stadhuisplein. The higher quality of the provided education is offset by a higher tuition fee: twice the regular amount. In organisational terms, EUC is a part of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB).