On Thursday 8 August, our dear colleague Irma de Doelder-Brons passed away unexpectedly at the age of 57. We are all shocked by the speed with which her disease progressed and can hardly take in the terrible news.

Irma joined the Erasmus University in February of 1989 and worked her entire career in the IT department as a programmer, system designer, project manager and applications manager. She helped create the Erasmus educational software system, ErOS. It was only one of the many systems that Irma helped developing. Over the past few years she fulfilled the role of applications manager of Osiris and Metis, among other things, but her vast knowledge and expertise made her adept at any job she put her mind to. She devoted 30 years of her life to the Erasmus University and in 2014 she was awarded the Umbra Erasmi penning for her efforts.

in memoriam-Irma

Irma was always engaged with the goings-on at the Erasmus University and felt deeply for our university and her colleagues. This was clear to see to anyone who experienced the powerful way in which she championed the staff through her involvement as employee representative in the decision-making process for the IT department/directorate/SSC. She was always attentive and considerate, to her direct colleagues as well as to colleagues from other departments. Through many reorganisations, Irma made important contributions, with passion for the EUR as a whole and its people in particular. Although she took her work seriously, she was always game for a good laugh. As a colleague, she brought a great energy to the workplace.

Irma believed that we should celebrate life. And that she did, with her three children and husband Jan. Her life had recently been further enriched by the arrival of her grandson. The love she felt for her family was the most important thing in Irma’s life. Together with her husband Jan, she journeyed to far-off places and showed a different side of herself — climbing rocks, for instance — that we didn’t often witness as her colleagues. After each weekend, we would be amazed to hear how many kilometres she and Jan had cycled this time.

Irma was always there for others. She brought a calm strength to the EUR, and we will miss her more than she could have ever expected.


On behalf of the colleagues from the IT department