Imagine this situation: you’re sitting in a lecture, you have a fifteen minute break, and you want to get some lunch, but the supermarket is on the other side of campus. With the long queues at peak times, there’s a good chance that you’ll be late getting back. So how do you get lunch?

The Spar wants to see whether it can help by delivering on campus. “An intern is going to explore the options. Woudestein is big, the supermarket is busy and students are telling us they need a delivery service. We’re going to investigate how we could organize it and whether enough people want it,” says Kyra van Elswijk from Spar University

Collection points

According to Van Elswijk, it probably won’t be possible to deliver right into the building. “Because how will you find your customers with all those lecture halls and study places? We are thinking about delivering to the entrance of buildings, and we also want to see whether it’s possible to create various collection points on campus.”

How will the supermarket know that the student will actually collect their order? “The orders will probably run on our app and will be paid for in advance. If customers have paid, they’ll come and collect it.”

Students or staff wishing to contribute ideas can drop by the shop.

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