Because smoking can loosely be defined as contagious, there is a national anti-smoking policy  aiming for smoke-free educational institutions in 2020. The smoking areas on campus can be found at the Tinbergen Building, the K.P. van der Mandeleplein, the Tinbergen Plaza and the Bayle Building.

The university has appointed a project group and steering committee to implement and enforce the smoking policy. In May, employees and students in the ‘smokers’ panel’ have observed the needs of employees and students at EUR, including those who smoke. The panel discussed the plans and decided the exact locations of the smoking zones. Amanda Hanemaaijer, project leader of the group: “We don’t want to punish anyone, so we think the tone in addressing this issue is very important. The goal is to create a liveable environment for everyone.” A second panel is planned for September.

Issuing fines

Disciplinary measures, such as issuing fines, are possible under the new policy. But Hanemaaijer emphasises that for the time being, the university doesn’t intend to do that: “Our main plan is to approach and inform people through the use of extra security. We want to see how that works out.”

The new policy applies to the entire Woudestein campus. This includes the terraces of the Smits and the Pavilion as well as the campuses of Erasmus University College and the International Institute of Social Studies. Recently, the campus supermarket Spar University stopped selling tobacco products.

The smoking zones that apply as of 1 September 2019
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