“Nothing has been formally decided”, said Van der Boom Monday during a Faculty Council meeting. But she confirms three ideas are under consideration for determining the faculty’s future. “We need to have a complete picture of the situation so we can prepare the best proposal, and I still need to see the latest financial information.” This information has now been provided, and the interim-Dean hopes to have a first draft of her plan before the Christmas holidays. This draft plan will then first be presented to the faculty.

While one of the three different options being discussed sees ESHCC remaining as an independent faculty, the other two involve ESHCC merging with another faculty: either Erasmus School of Philosophy (ESPhil) or Erasmus School of Social Behavioural Sciences (ESSB). No additional information was presented during the Faculty Council meeting regarding the considerations in play for the different options.

Van der Boom has held the position of interim-Dean at ESHCC since 1 March 2018. The Executive Board has commissioned her with the task of preparing a plan for a more ‘robust faculty’.