During an emergency meeting held on Wednesday, LSVb’s member unions expressed their confidence in Van Breugel. As a result, the four remaining members of LSVb’s board can continue doing their work without Hulzebos.

Conflict as to strategy to be pursued


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Last Monday Hulzebos stated in an interview that the LSVb board was conflicted about which strategy to pursue. Hulzebos wanted to take an activist approach, whereas her fellow board members wished to negotiate and lobby. Communication was also said to have been problematic.

Interim chair Van Breugel disputes the notion that the board members did not see eye to eye regarding the strategy to be pursued. “We don’t think we parted ways because of activism. Unfortunately, our collaboration and more particularly our communications didn’t work out in the way we’d hoped for. We did everything in our power to improve the situation, but to no avail,” Van Breugel stated in a press release. She hopes she will now be able to focus on other, more important things.

The Union is not yet sure whether it will try and find a new chairperson. “We wish to grant our member unions the time to consider this issue,” said Van Breugel, who is willing to chair LSVb for the duration of this academic year. It will be up to the member unions, who will vote on the subject in October.


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