The Chief Diversity Officer has the task to promote diversity and inclusion in research, education and all other aspects of the university.


Rector Magnificus Rutger Engels gives praise to her passion for diversity and inclusion. “Her academic work focuses upon inequality, vulnerable groups and the changing of behaviour.”

Semiha Denktaş on her appointment: “Diversity and inclusion are not merely issues faced by universities. As an academic community, we do have the responsibility of thinking critically about the standards that we want to set, to be very clear about the values that we uphold and to bring the issues of diversity and inclusivity to the fore in public debate.”


Outgoing Diversity Officer: ‘The university often isn’t a safe place to work at’

Hanneke Takkenberg was Chief Diversity Officer at this university since 2015 and said…

Research on behavioural change

Denktaş (1973) studied Clinical & Health Psychology at Utrecht University and Integration & Migration Studies at the Erasmus University. She obtained her PhD on the subject of The Health and Healthcare use of Elderly First Generation Migrants in the Netherlands.

Until this summer she was Head of the Social & Behavioural Science department of Erasmus University College. As of 1 September 2018, she leads the Behavioural Change pillar at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB). Under her leadership, various research projects are being conducted in Rotterdam to examine and achieve behaviour change. These include behavioural studies aimed at promoting improved mental and physical health, with a special focus on marginalised and vulnerable groups.

Furthermore Denktaş is a board member of Female Academics Moving toward Equity (FAME) of the Erasmus University; a group focused on the participation and empowerment of women in all academic ranks.