While you’re on campus, the information market will be going on. Here you can meet the various groups that may play a big role in your student life such as sports clubs and housing associations and of course Erasmus Magazine, your independent guide in student life.

Following lunch, you will go to the official opening of your faculty. Once you’ve been introduced to your faculty, there’s plenty of events going on in the afternoon that you can attend. There’s a science quiz hosted by Studium Generale and Erasmus Magazine, an Open House from the student associations, and an EUR Talk on meeting new people within the city. Whatever you feel like doing, the choice is yours.

Post-dinner options

After dinner, your group will either go back to campus for the crazy Cantus or you’ll discover the night life of Rotterdam, all depending on which group you’re in.

Looking to just have a chill evening? Grab a lawn chair and head for the Museumpark to watch a fine Hollywood film on a huge screen that’s 25 meters long.