For all other commuters, the work being carried out around the metro station means that they will have to use shuttle buses to reach Zuidplein station. The shuttle buses depart from Wilhelminaplein station and ride via Puttershoekstraat to Brielselaan.

“It’s very convenient for the participants to travel with the Eureka Express, because then they don’t have to transfer during their journey. You’ll reach your destination within 35 minutes,” says Maaike de Keulenaar, chairwoman of the Eurekaweek committee. On Monday morning this special metro will ride twice every hour from Blaak station to Ahoy (Zuidplein metro station) via Tussenwater. After the ceremony it will depart once every ten minutes for the journey back to the city.

The Eureka Express has the capacity to transport approximately 600 participants per trip and it can be recognised by the name on the metro train. The earliest trip to Ahoy is at 7.40 and the metro will depart every half hour after that. The first metro train back to the city departs at 12.15.

Travel information

See the timetable for the Eureka Express below:

Destination: Ahoy Departure Arrival
Metrostation Blaak, spoor 3


07.40 08.15
08.10 08.45
08.40 09.15
09.10 09.45
Destination: Blaak Departure Arrival
Metrostation Zuidplein, spoor 2


12.15 12.50
12.25 13.00
12.35 13.10
12.45 13.20