Kristel Baele, president of the Executive Board, explains the motto: “The EUR has always been involved in the development of the city and its society, and during this 21st lustrum we want to emphasize the connection between the academic world and the ‘real life’ in Rotterdam.”

Back to the roots

According to the organization, the celebration will not only be inspiring, contemporary and innovative, but also festive. “It starts at the opening of the Academic Year. On September 3, for instance, we will perform a dance spectacle at the Laurenskerk to draw the attention of Rotterdammers in the city center”, says Fred Balvert, the lustrum project leader, enthusiastically.

The EUR will also organize a series of lectures and seminars, both at the university and in the city. On September 28 and 29, the Science Hotel/Science Open festival will take place in the Nhow hotel and on campus. “This event is meant as a dialogue between scientists and the general public. That is why the program is full of interactive workshops and interesting discussions”, adds Balvert.

Kristel Baele: “We want to go back to our roots, the EUR was born from a sense of social responsibility and that is why, through the celebration of this lustrum, we want to have a meaningful societal impact.”

Dies Natalis

The predecessor of the EUR, the Nederlandsche Handels-Hoogeschool, was founded in November 8, 1913. This year, 105 years later, the Dies Natalis will be celebrated in the auditorium of Erasmus University. Following tradition, the Rector Magnificus will deliver the Dies speech and honorary doctorates will be awarded. The exact program for November 8 will be announced soon.