We finally got there after many hours’ worth of meetings and planning sessions. Last Wednesday, we moved into the A Building. The move had been a considerable time in the making. We were originally supposed to move into our new digs in October 2017, but the move was postponed until late April 2018. At the Erasmus Building, EM’s new office is situated at the place where the Erasmus Ambassadors Office (EAO) and a few other organisations used to be.

We had been in the E Building’s basement ever since the establishment of EM. However, the E Building will be demolished to make way for a park, which is scheduled for completion in 2020. A ‘teaser’ of the park can be seen at the side of the E Building (plaza side), which
has been outfitted with a huge canvas showing the future park.

Our new room number is AT-57. Feel free to come and say hi!