The crane was being used for work on the insulation of the roof of an office building behind the society building. The office building is also owned by Laurentius. “The work occasionally involves lifting heavy panels over the roof. That’s why no one was allowed in the premises during construction work – a very wise policy, as became clear. And fortunately the builders are alright too,” says Buurma.


On Monday, the roof still had a yawning hole. But fortunately, the building’s support beams – which are crucial for its structural integrity – survived unscathed. Nor was any inventory damaged. The building’s attic is primarily used to store materials for parties and Eurekaweek.

The builders made a start on repairing the hole on Friday. “We’re still working to establish, together with the insurer, how much the damages are exactly,” says Buurma. Buurma hopes that by the end of next week, the roof will be as good as new.