The spokesperson did not go into the nature of this misbehaviour.

According to a member of the labour union FNV, who organised the demonstration, the criticised actions were the illegitimate use of an access card and distributing flyers during working hours.

One cleaner used her access card for the Sanders Building to admit a member of the FNV. Asito internal rules don’t allow their employees to use the card for anything else than cleaning activities. In addition, the employee was said to have handed out flyers that urge the recipient to sign a petition. This petition claims that the pressure of work for Asito staff has become too high. According to Asito, the woman did this during working hours – which is against company rules. The next time such activity is observed may involve sanctions. The woman and the union denied these activities happened during working hours.


According to the FNV member, Asito has already imposed a sanction of sorts: the employee’s assigned tasks have apparently been transferred from the Sanders Building to the N Building.

A second cleaner is accused by the company of “inflammatory rhetoric”. She supposedly has verbally threatened an Asito location manager. The woman denies having made these threatening statements. The woman denies having made these statements. The reasons for the warnings to the other two employees are currently unknown.

The protesting Asito employees are responsible for cleaning the buildings at Campus Woudestein. In early February, the company informed them that they would be assigned fewer work hours at the campus due to budget cuts. In exchange, they would be given additional work at other locations in Rotterdam. The employees do not agree with the change. They have already organised two protests on campus.

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