To be accepted into popular companies, students need a high GPA, but they also need to know how to network. Graduates with a background in volunteering might have a better chance at a job, but knowledge about a specific area is also important! You get it: students have to do more to make sure they actually get the job or career they really want. Now the question is: what are you going to do to make sure you have a job in the future?

Lisanne Notenboom – Economics & Business


“I think it’s different for each year. In my second year for example, I wasn’t so interested in the companies, but I was thinking much more about what I wanted to do later on. Now that I have my bachelor, I’m more interested in the different companies, doing in-house days and research. For now I know what sector I want to work in, but then it’s important to see what career you want. I think group work is really important for later on. Also, doing a board year is a plus for my career prospect.”

Frederique Ram - Econometrics


“I’m in my third year, so I’m finishing my Bachelor study this year. I’m organising the Econometrics Career Day event, quite similar to the recruitment days. I think that should definitely enhance our job prospects, but more importantly, it also gives us a better idea about the field of work. Up until now, I actually haven’t done that much myself, but I would have liked to participate more in in-house days and career events.”

Ronald Klacman, Management and Business Administration


“I think you should first go for extracurricular activities and then if you’re studying business, maybe do case competitions. Otherwise, I’d say GPA is important, but we know how that can go. I don’t think it really matters how soon you start, but if you really want good opportunities you should obviously start straightaway in your first year. If you’re an international student coming to study in Rotterdam, you might want to use the first year to get to know the city and when you’re familiar with your environment, start applying for different positions.”

Foto’s door Ka-chun Lo

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