From campus supermarket shoplifters to the merger of RSC and RVSV and from Skadi to a seriously ill student. It’s hard to find a common theme in the top 10 most read, shared and liked news items from Erasmus Magazine, but that doesn’t say anything about the quality of the articles. Joined us halfway through the year, missed a story or want to catch a particular video again? Check out the list.

On behalf of the EM editing team, we wish you a very happy 2018.

Wieneke, Gert, Tim, Jasper, Marko and Elmer.

'It’s as if the ground drops out from under you'

5. Amber-1
Amber Visser hoorde in maart dat ze ernstig ziek was (foto: SvdM)

A diagnosis of acute lymphocytic leukaemia turned student Amber Visser’s life upside down last year. Her treatment has now finished, and she says things are going ‘reasonably well’, but back in April she could only wait and see.

One in five students steals from campus supermarket

spar- campus supermarkt
The Woudestein campus supermarket.

Around 18 percent of students visiting the campus supermarket admit to occasionally failing to pay for one or more items. This was revealed in a survey of 538 respondents by a group of master students of Behavioural Economics.

The brains behind EUR Confessions

Jan&Selma EUR-confessions
Jan en Selma in de Smitse. Image credit: Marko de Haan

For a long time, the best kept secret of the Facebook page EUR Confessions was the identity of the makers. There are now nearly 600 confessions on the page, but who selects them and posts them on the page? Erasmus Magazine found out this year. “I made up a confession sometimes to keep the page going.”

JOVD, don’t interfere with diversity at the university

Dies 2015 hoogleraren decanen
Hoogleraren tijdens de Dies in 2015: Vooral mannen onder elkaar. Image credit: Michelle Muus

In the debate about the diversity policy at EUR, feelings sometimes ran high on our website. The best-read article in this debate was the article by endowed professor of Sociological Theory Willem Schinkel. “Do the women of the JOVD actually know what they are responding to?”

‘If I shoot wrong, the patient has a problem’

Erasmus MC Studententeam 3
Image credit: Levien Willemse

Medical students don’t just bring round food and drink any more. In some cases, they even take the place of the doctor. EM spent a morning in the hospital. “As long as they don’t think: I won’t call the doctor, in case I look stupid.”

‘The treachery of Ketelaars’

Ewout Ketelaars (22), president – Henriette Claus (23), praeses
Ewout Ketelaars (22), RSC president – Henriette Claus (23), RVSC president

After over a hundred years, the two main student fraternities in Rotterdam came to an end. EM organised a question and answer session for the last two unmixed presidents. “The feeling that you don’t need the men to organise something. That you can do it on your own with the women, keep the whole association going.”

After 104 men, a woman President at Skadi

Interviewskadi 1
Jolien van Haasteren Image credit: Aysha Gasanova

The most liked page on Facebook. Since it was founded in 1928, men have reigned supreme at rowing association Skadi. This academic year, Jolien van Haasteren is its first woman president, but even she isn’t too concerned about the impact. “I feel it’s more relevant that there’s an international student on the board.”

‘At a given moment I realised: I really am very straight’

Samira van Bohemen

For the Cowboys section in the Wetenschap, Geert Maarse talked to scientists who went just a bit further than their colleagues. As a cultural sociologist at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Samira van Bohemen studied how young people from different cultures define and practise good sex.