In order to prevent the Hall at the Talent Battle from being completely empty, Erasmus Sport asked forty members of Antibarbari football club to fill the room. In return, the sports organisation paid 2,000 euros for a new power plant in the players’ clubhouse.

Useful move

Jon de Ruijter from Erasmus Sport and Nathalie Scheffer from Antibarbari confirm that the football association requested a financial contribution. “Our power plant wasn’t working properly any more. After training, we had no light or electricity. Erasmus Sport was willing to sponsor us in this,” says Nathalie.

De Ruijter: “When Antibarbari’s Board asked whether the club could do something in return, I told them that I could use forty additional people for an event during the Talent Week.” It turned out that ‘hiring’ the audience was a useful move because, apart from some of the co-organisers, the room was almost completely empty on Wednesday evening.

Maori war dance

The Talent Battle was an event during the Rotterdam Talent Week organised by Erasmus Sport and ESN, among others. The ‘battle’ took place in the Chamber of Commerce at the Blaak on Wednesday evening. During the event, the students participated in a Maori war dance, there was an interactive discussion about the refugee issue and a speaker from Boston (US) talked about her start-up.