The Rotterdam School of Management wants its own premises within five years. The faculty sent a proposal outlining its wishes to the Executive Board.

It is not clear yet whether the outcome would involve constructing a new building or using one of the existing buildings on campus. In any case, RSM wants to put an end to the current situation where various departments are located in different buildings, such as the Mandeville Building and the Bayle Building.

'Bayle Building no longer meets our needs'

By being housed in a single building, RSM wants to offer the same level of facilities as other business schools. RSM competes with these other business schools internationally. “It’s mainly the Bayle Building that no longer meets our requirements,” said RSM spokeswoman Marianne Schouten. Having its own premises should also create more ‘synergy’ between the faculty and RSM BV’s commercial branch of activity.

The Executive Board is ‘not opposed’ to the proposal. RSM will now conduct a feasibility study.