With external experts not yet able to provide a security guarantee, all lectures in Polak have been cancelled until the end of 2017. The lectures have been relocated to other buildings, the university has created new study areas and the shops that were located in Polak have been moved elsewhere on campus.

After the Polak building was closed on 19 October because of doubts about the safety of the floor construction, the university embarked on an investigation into the case. After two weeks of investigation, the experts could not guarantee the safety of the building. The investigation will continue until at least 1 January.

Alternative places

While Polak is closed, the university will take measures to compensate the lack of space in Polak as far as possible. There are new study areas in the Sanders building and the university has provided alternative study spaces. The stores that were located in Polak have been given a new place.

The Study Store and the Copy Shop are now jointly located in the old ‘In the Smitse’ in the Mandeville building. ​​Hair Design by Lydia is located on the ground floor of the Hatta building, two doors away from the new ‘In the Smitse’. Randstad occupies the sixteenth floor of the Tinbergen building.