Puck van Putte does not support the diversity policy advocated in the call for diversity issued on 11 October. “Introducing quota for women is a worthless idea. Women don’t want to be hired for being women, but for their individual qualities.”

Against imposed quota for women

In the open letter, nearly 300 EUR staff members argue for increased action in the area of diversity and inclusiveness at Erasmus University. “We agree with the authors’ call to formulate a clearer definition of research quality, and to increase transparency in the University’s recruitment policy,” says Van Putte. “But we don’t subscribe to the introduction of a quota for women. We believe that lecturers should be hired because they are suited for the job – not because of their sex.”

Van Putte doesn’t think that the 11 percent share of full-time female professors at EUR can be attributed to a male culture in the appointment procedures. “If we were actually dealing with a male culture, this female contingent of 11 percent wouldn’t have been appointed either. There’s no need to push through demographic change with affirmative action via a quota for women: the percentage is already increasing, and will continue to rise of its own accord.”

Clear statement

The first people to sign the petition were all female members of JOVD Rijnmond. They took this step to make a clear statement: “We want to show that you can also find women who don’t subscribe to the contents of the ‘diversity letter’,” says Van Putte. If her petition manages to gain sufficient signatures from other supporters, Van Putte intends to enter into dialogue with EUR about its diversity policy.

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