There are more and more rats on campus. At least, the number of reports is increasing. A specialist firm has therefore been brought in to investigate and control the rat problem on campus Woudestein.

“As we speak, an independent expert from a specialist firm is on campus to view and report on the situation,” says press spokesperson Jacco Neleman. This expert is examining developments on and around the campus and exploring possible control and prevention measures. The investigation should be completed within a few weeks.

Less poison

One of the reasons for the growing rat problem in Rotterdam is a new law that imposes stricter requirements on the use of poison to control the rat population. Poison may only be used if alternative methods, such as traps, don’t work.

According to the city of Rotterdam’s ‘Rat Control Action Plan’, the whole city is struggling with a growing rat infestation. The number of reports in Rotterdam soared after the introduction of this law, from around 1000 in 2015 to 2298 in 2016.