Honesty moment: how many times have we all been in a state where we’ve probably had one too many glasses? Wavy nights and being a student are two things that definitely go hand in hand, like salt and pepper. Rotterdam is far from the exception, with a vibrant nightlife featuring a plethora of clubs and bars catering for different musical genres and themes. In short, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Rotterdam’s nightlife.

It goes without saying that for a sizeable number, part of the night’s entertainment involves alcohol and other illicit substances as the main drivers for partygoers. Most people also exceed their limits of what they say and do without even being aware of it. These moments are clearly evident when you’re the only one who’s sober among your group of friends.

On the occasional moments that I’ve been completely sober, partying becomes perplexing. This is due to one simple reason: what you feel is completely surreal, while being socially unacceptable becomes the norm for your intoxicated peers. It’s truly mystifying to see your friends acting under absolutely no form of restraint for a certain period of time.

You may be with the smartest guy in the class or a work colleague, but whilst they are under the influence, this is so easily forgotten and they revert back to the most primal instinct of joy and indulgence. It’s in this state that our inner insecurities are forgotten and our mind is in an anarchical state. Alcohol’s power to transform people can be truly mesmerising.

And yes, on these occasional sober nights, I’d agree that my night could have been so much more enjoyable if I’d had a few drinks. And yet I‘ve had some amazing sober nights fuelled by the contagious energy from the people around me. After all, you realise that most true human expressions are made under the influence. People are able to encounter genuine versions of themselves.

If you do decide to party sober, you will also realise that the very best part is being able to wake up next morning fresh, with no hangover holding you back throughout the day.

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