'I no longer feel lonely'

Sanne van der Most. Eurekaweek
Clara Etchenique (19), Bordeaux, bachelor degree in IBAM

First day (De Doelen)
“Rotterdam is completely new to me and I hardly know anyone here, so that’s kind of scary. But I’m sure I’ll get to meet some nice people this week. I hope so, anyway.”

Last day (Coolsingel)
“That many parties in one week – I won’t be able to go on doing that in the rest of the year! I did have a good time, though, and I lived to tell the tale. No, I did more than that. There were so many nice people. I no longer feel lonely.”

'Now I feel like actually doing some studying'

Sanne van der Most. Eurekaweek3
Larissa Janzen (21), Oberhausen, bachelor degree in Management of International and Social Challenges

First day (De Doelen)
“Yesterday I cut my finger while cooking. So badly I had to go to the emergency department. It was a brutal start to my new life here. I hope things will get better from here on out.”

Last day (queuing to get into the Laurenskerk for Night of the Songs)
“Partying five days in a row – I’d never done that before. I’m absolutely knackered. It was worth it, though. And now I feel like actually doing some studying.”

'I think we’re all feeling the same way'

Sanne van der Most. Eurekaweek4
Brent Rundberg (21), Zoetermeer, bachelor degree in Psychology

First day (De Doelen)
“I have no idea what to expect. All those new people I’ll be meeting. I actually think it’s a little scary.”

Last day (after dinner at Vapiano with his group)
“I absolutely loved it. I think we’re all feeling the same way. Someone said to me yesterday: ‘If you have any doubts about whether or not to do something, grab the opportunity by the horns.’ Then at least you won’t have any regrets because you didn’t give it a try.”

'A little more partying than I was expecting'

Sanne van der Most. Eurekaweek5
David Doelman (18), Gouda, bachelor degree in Business Administration

First day (De Doelen)
“I spent the night at Laurentius last night and I’m kind of hung-over. Great start, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to it, though. I’ll explore many places and maybe I’ll join a society.”

Last day (Colour your World Festival)
“I had a great time during Eurekaweek, although I did lose my group three hours in. I did a little more partying than I was expecting. Oh, and I didn’t join a society. I’ll do that next year, once I’ve found a bedsit somewhere.”

'A whole lot of new Instafriends, mission accomplished'

Sanne van der Most. Eurekaweek6
Younes Assou (19), Rotterdam, bachelor degree in Business Administration and Fiscal Law

First day (De Doelen)
“I’ve lived in the Oude Noorden all my life, but even so I’ll take part in Eurekaweek. My goal is to get to know new people who are taking the same degree. I won’t have a good time if I don’t.”

Last day (Colour your World Festival)
“This was an amazing week. I hung out with three groups and made a lot of Instafriends. Mission accomplished. And now let the work begin. I want to establish my own company as soon as possible.”

'I want to get to know the other Rotterdam'

Sanne van der Most. Eurekaweek7
Sanne Vollenberg (18), Ridderkerk, International Bachelor in Psychology

First day (at De Doelen)
“I live near Rotterdam so I kind of know the place, but mainly because of shopping trips. This week I want to get to know the other Rotterdam, and maybe join a society.”

Last day (Colour your World Festival)
“It was a lot of fun, but also completely exhausting, especially continually switching between Dutch and English. And round-the-clock partying. In the end I didn’t join a society. I thought beforehand I might join RSG, but I didn’t receive enough information to make an informed decision.”