It was with great shock and sorrow that we learned that our student Maarten Oomes, 19, had passed away unexpectedly at home on 24 August 2017.

Maarten was a highly motivated medical student who had just successfully completed the first year of his Bachelor’s degree. Lecturers and mentors described him as a calm, friendly and intelligent young man. His tutor group was struck by his gift for giving presentations because of his calm and clear manner of speaking. In addition, Maarten was a very passionate musician. He was an excellent guitar player.

Maarten was a highly engaged and active member of the MFVR student association, where he had many friends. He was always up for a good conversation, a good joke or a party. Maarten was an intelligent young man who enjoyed being a student and being among people (‘the more, the merrier’ was his motto). As a member of the committee organising the Parents’ Day, a prospective member of ‘de NUL’ men’s society and a member of the Bar Committee, he played an active part in the society. His loss is acutely felt by his fellow students:

“Dear Maarten, you touched many people’s hearts. The grief we feel due to your loss is indescribable. We would have loved to spend many more years with you. We miss you immensely.”

In addition to his studies, Maarten worked on the students’ team at the A&E department. His colleagues there described him as a collected and cultured young man who loved acute care and had a lot of perseverance. “Maarten was a hard worker, who didn’t mind taking another shift if necessary,” said one of his colleagues.

Judging from the words of his lecturers, mentors, fellow students and colleagues, Maarten was a well-loved person. Our hearts go out to Maarten’s family and friends.


Jaap Verweij, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Walter van den Broek, Programme Director of the Department of Medicine

Andrea Woltman, Coordinator of the Bachelor’s degree in Medicine