The university is full of nice spots that are under the radar for a lot of students. EM can be like an older brother – telling you the go-to places for cheap grub, easy pick-ups or well-earned relaxation.

Eur woudestein map
  1. Cleanest toilets Always good to know: which toilets are clean and pleasant? From a quick survey on campus, the small rooms around the Aula scored highly. ‘ You can do a half-hour poo in there without anyone noticing,’ said one student.
  2. Search for hidden canteens Something the average Rotterdam student generally discovers too late: the campus has various canteens. So you don’t have to have lunch at the foodcourt, it’s just as easy and cheaper to eat at Etude in Tinbergen or The Company in Mandeville. And something else that’s good to know: lunches, snacks and dinners are
    cheap and tasty in the sport centre canteen. Everyone’s welcome, whether you’ve worked out or not.
  3. Feeling horny? The G Building has loads of small student rooms. You’ll not be the first to go in, shove the table against the door and do the business. Rotterdam skyline lovers can try the eighteenth floor of the Mandeville building where there are similar booths.
  4. Be decadent The Faculty Club is located on the seventeenth floor of Tinbergen; a collection of rooms including a restaurant and a fantastic view. Regular events are held in the restaurant and nobody notices penniless students quickly grabbing that free coffee or beer and bitterbal if dressed appropriately.
  5. Save cash Thirsty but broke? Well, don’t buy your beer at the expensive Erasmus Paviljoen, but save cash at the Spar. It’s not really allowed to drink on the grass in
    front of the Paviljoen, but is great fun.
  6. Pizza with beer Woudestein has a campus bar, In de Smitse. Loads of students drink beer there on a Friday afternoon. But don’t forget that you can eat there too. Restaurants actually view the café as an official delivery address. So order that pizza and get it delivered to this hotspot.
  7. Refuel Did you seriously overdo it last night in the pub? Or would you like to temporarily forget that deadline that has been breathing down your neck for weeks? How about kicking back at Park Noord, the campus’s new ‘green oasis’. Not that many students have picked up on this place yet, so grab your chance while it’s still quiet.
  8. Take a break You no longer have to leave the library to get some fresh air or tap into new sources of motivation. Because since the recent renovation, the island in the library pond is actually open to the public. It’s perfect for taking a break from all that studying (or all those good intentions at any rate).